Roosevelt – Rome – WW2 – InisFada’s_1936_visit_to_the_United_States

Roosevelt – Rome – WW2 – InisFada

Big mistake to take so long .. Hitler fears the Church. mrs Brady and others were funding the underground movement long before the United States would step up to the plate.

Mrs Brady offered 100,000 in support to Parcelli just before he left – this to set into action the preparation of the underground movement of persecuted people (Catholic, Jewish and anyone else that defied Hitler.) 3 Major players from the Manhasset area are now coming to light as a part of these meetings.

Three years after their meeting, Roosevelt appointed Myron Charles Taylor as his representative to Pius XII. The Senate had withdrawn the stipend for such a diplomat in 1867, seeing little value in maintaining the outpost.[6] Roosevelt appointed an informal “personal envoy”, which did not require Senate approval.[27] By the time of the meeting, the Senate opposition was primarily rooted in Protestant objections, rather than cost.[4] Roosevelt did not fulfill his promise until December 1939, when he appointed Myron Charles Taylor as his personal representative to Pius XII; Taylor’s appointment was renewed by Truman and lasted until 1950.[28]


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