They travelled to Manhasset to visit Inisfada, the home of Mrs Genevieve Garvan Brady, where they saw her sensational collection of carpets as well as her even more sensational antique American furniture. That same year, 1937, they went twice to Philadelphia (fig. 1.26) where, on one occasion, they saw the John B. McIlhenny Collection in Germantown (most of which is now in the Philadelphia Museum of Art), and on another gained access to the storerooms of Jerrehian Brothers, one of the longest established carpet dealerships in the United
States. Other excursions involved trips to, among other locations, Winterthur in Delaware, where Hajji Henry F. Du Pont showed off his carpets, which, like Mrs Brady’s, were not the equal of his furniture, and to Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, to scrutinise those of Hajji Joseph E. Widener (fig. 1.31), who later donated his spectacular collection – much of it gathered by his father Peter A.B. Widener – to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.



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